Net work game





  1.   To practice the teamwork, leadership and good followers
  2.   To practice practical communication
  3.   To practice harmony and realize the importance of everyone in the team.

How to play the game

  1.   Divide players into 6 sub-group, 6-8 people in a group.
  2.   Give 1 sets of equipment per one group ( 1 steel loop with 6-8 stranded rope and one

    small ball)

  1.   Member’s group catches the end of the rope and extends it until the rope is tight.
  2.   A leader’s game takes a small ball put on the steel loop.
  3.   Leader’s game put a small box at the center all of the group or far away as same as in

     each group.

  1.   A leader’s game gives the signal to start the game. Every group have to move if any group

     is the first group to put a small ball into the box, they are the winner. (** If a small ball

     fall on the ground, let start at start point again.)



*** You can adjust the process, such as you want. For example

1)  Change the point of a small box or one box/one group.

2)  Select a leader’s group and leader’s group can speak to followers but another one can’t

     speak between movement and put a small ball into the box.

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