The Forest Conservation Volunteer Project

         Problems of drought or water shortage situations in the dry season of forests. The changing conditions of the climate causing forest fires easily.  This damages the ecosystem, wildlife and tends to be more intense. One important way to solve the problem is the weir dam or CHECK DAM, also called dampness dam. Responsible for controlling the speed of the water to slow down during the rainy season and helps increase the amount of water during the dry season. Therefore the Boy Scouts and Messengers of Peace of Rajadhivas School has established a volunteer to conserve the Thai forests project on Tuesday, March 12nd-16th, 2019, by doing activities, such as creating a fire protection line, Building dams to slow down the water and making salt licks for wildlife by participating in activities with the Phachi River Wildlife Sanctuary, Ratchaburi Province, in order to raise awareness of natural resource preservation and unity for the members of the Boy Scout and the youth groups.

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