How nice at all

             "JOTA-JOTI 2018



The great experience with the great jamboree.


          We have the experience to exchange idea and seen amazing thing from another country scout. They join and more conversation about scouting. What I have seen from contact that is adult people or leaders to support them scout to the conversation about many things, for example, the culture of the country, the famous place, animal, and about scouting of group. That so great... My scout tries to speak English and I had seen the developing of them.

          We visit the campsite and had done it, It is very funny about science lab, all activities so great because it took us to learn more thing in this great jamboree. I am so happy to join and the important our scouts open them eyes to the scout around the world and had to learn each other.

We are brother and sister scout ... So friendship never ends."


Jantima Sukapat

Special Rajadhivas Scout group

Bangkok, Thailand.

October 23rd, 2018


Visitors: 71,540